Amazing Facts About A Golf Tee

Golf tees may look like simple devices, but they have an interesting history behind them. These interesting devices have a history that dates back to the 1800s, and were actually considered one of the last devices developed for playing golf. While the golf tee itself has origins dating back to that particular time, it’s assumed that golfers did experiment with different types of makeshift tees.

The earliest known tees were simply mounds of dirt, often carved from the ground using a club or shoe. This type of tee was commonly used in early Scotland, where golfers would dig up a bit of earth to rest their golf balls before striking. Sand tees, however, became popular over time.

The development of the golf tee, in fact, is considered the last major change’ made to the rules of golf in general. Before that change occurred, golfers used mounds of sand to ‘tee off’ as they pleased. The sand was usually kept in boxes that resided on the teeing ground, which is something that gave the teeing ground the game, ‘tee box.’

Though, the golf tee underwent several iterations before what we know as the modern golf tee finally appeared. The earliest patent for golf tees is known to have been dated as early as 1889, issued to men known as William Bloxsom and Arthur Douglas. Following that, the ‘modern iteration’ of golf tees started appearing in its best known form, starting with a commercially sold tee that was topped with rubber known as ‘Perfectum’ in 1892.

By 1889, Dr. George Franklin Grant patented a golf tee that was said to be improved over previous iterations; this tee had a wooden cone with a rubber sleeve. It wasn’t until the 1920s that the golf tee was seriously marketed as an essential component of golf, however. Dr. William Lowell was responsible for making his ‘Reddy Tee,’ a wooden golf tee, popular after enlisting the promotional help of professional golfers, Joe Kirkwood and Walter Hagen. After that period, modern golf tees were finally assimilated into the golf world.

The golf tee may be a simple device, though it’s history is as rich in culture as the people who play the sport around the world. Our website,, hosts many golf tees and other golf products that you can browse to your liking, so you can be prepared to play golf at any time.